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Card # 1: The Magician

I have been dreaming all this time...

Kämpfer, Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer
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⇒ Canon information:

Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer alias Panzer Magier is one of the highest members of the Rozen Kreuz Order in Trinity Blood. Most of his background is completely unknown; it is only said that he is very old and has been taking a lot of identities of Alchemists and scientists through the history.

It was Isaak the one who found Cain and regenerated his body. Together they created the Order as we know it. He takes a special interest in his ‘Lord’ (or rather subject?) and his brother, Abel Nightroad. Together with Cain, they took the Golden Dawn group and turned it into the Rozen Kreuz Order to "renew the world with flames."

Isaak likes wine, tobacco, opera, intelligence and other aesthetic pleasures. His goals –along with the extend of his power and age- remain mysterious yet it’s hinted that, whilst he doesn’t seem to mind be a terrorist, are a far cry of his true motivation behind his actions.

Extremely polite, charming and mysterious; he rarely loses his temper, having a saintly patience with allies and enemies alike. Even beneath that suave aura, Isaak is basically a geek. Sometimes at odds at advanced 'seductive' situations or the like (his own words is that he isn't very used to sate ladies). His manipulation methods are based in his servitude to others.

His major evil trait isn't sadism (like Dietrich) or an urge to destroy (like Cain's). It's the utterly selfish and self-serving nature of his.

He also <3 his little kohorutos:

As YOU do.

Isaak was taken during the war, Canon events.

Further information to be added.